Shoes for Shooting | Favourite Fridays

The business of photography requires one to be on their feet for the duration of their work schedule, if this doesn’t sound like something you can do then I wouldn’t suggest photography as a career. I did a lot of shooting with different shoes, but none have been more comfortable than my TOMS. Indeed, I barely wear anything else. I will deliberately choose my outfit in such a way that I could wear these ever so comfortable shoes for the day. Basically I’m all casual all the time now cause I don’t find they go with fancy outfits – although there is a pair for that 😉

I didn’t think when I first bought them that they would become my “shooting shoes” but there you have it. I have a pair in black canvas, but I shall soon purchase another pair when I decide on the design I like best – probably one of the fancier options for wedding shoots.

Hooray for Toms and Happy (ache-free) Shooting everyone! 😀

My husband & me

Little sis & me


Digital Art: Etsy Posters

I’ve been designing posters with my photographs and graphic designs + some quotes. I’m really excited about these, and I thought I’d share an update on what I’ve done so far. I’m willing to take custom orders too, and there is a form for that on the shop’s home page. Please check it out, and feedback is appreciated! 🙂

Do make sure to check out the rest of the shop! 

Happy browsing 😀

Favourite Fridays

I realize the blog is a bit stagnant for now, so I’ll try to make weekly posts with my “Favourites” on fridays – because why not? If I could, I would blog daily.

I recently was in the market for a new pair of sunglasses. Honestly I never cared for them (sunglasses) until maybe 2 years ago. Anyway, my last pair was a gift from my Mom and I made good use of them. About two months ago I misplaced them in my little sister’s room, so I know they’re gone forever. I got myself a new pair, and I just love them. I had to try on about 30 before I chose them and they were the last I tried on actually. They frame my face well, they have the UVA protection and all that jazz too. The pair I was really set on had crystals set in both sides, but that made the price shoot up so I chose the simpler design. Then, as is my usual habit I gave them a mini-photo shoot, I couldn’t resist! Really it’s all about the colour for me 🙂 Also it is pretty hard to find a pair that can look good with a hijab and these look great so that’s extra points.





I’ve moved!

Hi all 🙂

Effective today, Photography by Emma will be based in OTTAWA, ON. I loved all my clients that I worked with in Toronto, I am grateful to each and every one of you for your support and investment in my passion. I am sad to have moved from such a dynamic city, but it isn’t the end. I will regularly announce when I go to Toronto for shoots, and would definitely be willing to travel for wedding bookings. Ottawa from what I have seen is a calm and beautiful city, I cannot wait to discover all it has to offer, especially when it comes to exciting locations & new clients.

The change of location has been reflected in my information, and please remember this does not mean I am indefinitely unavailable for bookings in Toronto.

It’s official, I’m a professional photographer in the city of Ottawa, ON 🙂




Ramadan 1433/2012 Prayer and Fast Times Calendar – Download

Hello all!

Islam goes by the Lunar Calendar, and the month of Ramadan will coincide with the 20th of July, 2012. My family has always had a tradition of mounting the calendar of fasting times on the kitchen fridge. When that went up, we knew Ramadan was close. Each day, every member of the family would refer to it to know the prayer times, but also to check what time we had to stop eating in the morning and when we could finally break our fast in the evening.

This year I didn’t know where to find a calendar so naturally, I thought I’d just make it. It wasn’t easy, because I had to check, double check and triple check to make sure my times were right when I was copying them from the original website. The times I used are for Toronto (EST). It took my a great deal of time to design the calendar so when I was finished, I thought that I would share it. I know I could just look it up on the internet, but somehow, that makes it less special to me. Ramadan is a very important holy month to all Muslims – myself included so I don’t want to take the simplicity out of this beautiful month. I designed it in a mininalist style in yellow & green.

You can adjust for other cities by following this guide:

London +7 Minutes
Hamilton +2 Minutes
Windsor +14 Minutes
Kingston -12 Minutes
Ottawa -15 Minutes
Peterborough -5 Minutes
Kitchener, Waterloo +4 Minutes
Guelph -2 Minutes

At first I offered it on Facebook, so you could just send me an e-mail and I would send you a copy but I figured this may be a more simple approach. I have them available for download, you can save and print right from your home. You can take it to staples and have it printed on card stock for a longer lasting product and stick it to your fridge – or even your bedroom…or every room in the house; go crazy.

I thought for the more technologically inclined (such as my husband) that I would also design a wall paper for the computer desktop. I used one of my own images of some prayer beads, one of my favourite images for symbolizing Islam.

You can download the WALLPAPER Ramadan 1433 Calendar here.

You can download the Print Ready Ramadan 1433 Calendar here.

I also had a little fun by making some more “girly” versions with LOTS OF PINK.

PINK VERSION: Wallpaper – Ramadan Calendar 

PINK VERSION: Print Ready Ramadan Calendar

If you have photoshop and love to design yourself, I have included here a PHOTOSHOP file with the Times so you can change the font, background, colors – everything. This makes it very easy since the times are already aligned. The guides are on, so make sure to turn them off for a final look.

I hope you love it as much as I do, and Ramadan Kareem to all 🙂


Outfit Inspiration for the Games | EURO CUP 2012

I put together these with the national colours of Italy and Spain as inspiration for what to wear when watching the game 🙂

Congrats to Spain on taking home the Euro 2012 cup, and making history by having the highest score to win a Euro Cup game – ever! As well as 3 championships in a row! It was a good game, and well deserved win for Spain, even though I was rooting for Italy 😛

These are designed with Hijabi’s in mind; women who observe hijab. They are a part of the modest fashion outfits I put together for inspiration, and there are many more where these came from on my facebook page.


Dress: H&M
Watch: Fossil
Shoes: TOMS
Wristlet: Coach


Dress: H&M
Heels: Shoe Dazzle
Shoes: TOMS
Necklace: Smart Set
Scarf: H&M

Give Away Prizes

GIVE-AWAY WINNERS! I wanted to be fair, so this was my method. I wrote down all the names of those who liked the status and assigned a number to them. I then used a random number generator and voila, we have our winners!

1. Alehli Sg (Mexico)
2. Suzanne Ghannam (USA)
3. Sara A. Hussain (Canada)

I shipped them out last week, but here’s a peek at what they’ll get.